Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Mint, Anyone?" - A Still Life Painting of a Peppermint Candy (ACEO)

"Mint, Anyone?"     2.5" x 3.5"     Acrylic on Bristol Board
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I'm not really sure why after Christmas has come and gone I'm suddenly in the mood to do all these Christmas-y related paintings, but for some reason I am and this is what came of it tonight. I suppose it doesn't really have to be holiday related, but it is part of my leftover Ginger-bread house stash, so for me it is... =)

This one's a little late - it was the one I was supposed to post yesterday for the challenge but never got around to so I'm posting it retrospectively so it matches up with the days of the challenge as they appear on Leslie's blog. I've realized with how many doctors appointments I have each day perhaps a goal of 365 paintings a year is a bit too ambitious, but I am still going to aim super high, so I've finally decided that my official goal for number of paintings in a year for 2013 is going to be 300, which is such an exciting and yet daunting number! Even if I don't quite make it, it at least gives me some lee-way so I can take a few days off for vacations or sick days or "I'm just feeling so stinkin' horrible from my fibro" days, so that I'm not feeling so behind all the time. I never really got ahead like Leslie suggested except for during the first week, so I am looking forward to being able to be all caught up and to try to get an extra painting in over the weekend so that if I have a rough day I can take the day off and just relax. It's a great goal, but we'll see what happens! Lol!

Oh man, I should go, but before I do I just wanted to add one more little tidbit - I've been wanting to try to paint candy wrapped in plastic for some time now. It's always seemed absolutely impossible to me, and I know I have many more attempts at this before I come up with something I really like, but I really learned a ton about coloring and highlights while doing this. It probably looks easier to do than it really is when you look at all those phenomenal artists who have mastered this technique, but oh man, don't let them fool you. Boy is it ever difficult! This is not the last time you will be seeing a little sweet delicacy wrapped in cellophane or whatever it is candy is wrapped in, and I am hoping that in the next year or two I will really improve in this area. So many goals to reach, so little time! Have a great night, y'all!

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