Friday, February 27, 2015

Owen's 3rd Birthday - Happy Birthday Mr. Giggles!!!

"My Sweet Little Owie"

I can't believe my sweet little baby is already 3 today! Through all the prayers for him from the moment we prayed about even considering having another child considering how difficult and potentially deadly the first one, had been for me, and Levi as well, though he was quite the trooper I'll tell ya! But oh man, when we finally did feel God's blessings on trying, and the month before we were going to start trying Tyler sneezed on me or something and I got pregnant, it was a rollercoaster ride from then on, and we still are stuck on it - seems the workers all left and we're stuck in some kind of dreamy/nightmare ride that twists and turns and just never ends.

Praise the Lord God Almighty though that he gave us such a blessing in this little bundle of joy who has lived up to his middle name, my prayer for him, prayed out of fear and hope that someday I would hear his laugh, for his middle name literally means "he laughs," and as you can see above, he laughs so much that he even laughs during mommy's incessant photo shoots - and it's one of the cutest, richest, purest belly laughs I have ever heard in my entire life!!!

So sweet little Owen, on your birthday, I just want you to know that you are such a sweet and wonderful blessing from God in our home!
"Mr. Giggles"

Dear Owen on Your 3rd Birthday:

You have the gift of encouragement, you always know how to give the most amazing cuddles, and I pray so much that God has chosen you to be saved as soon as possible. You love meat, cars, planes, and are an all American boy at heart, and have finally learned the art of swallowing your bites of apple instead of just chewing them and spitting them out all around the floor for mommy to step on (thank you baby! Haha!). You absolutely LOVE Dumbo, Little Bear (which you call "The Owl Movie" for some odd reason just because an owl is in it), and just like Mommy, you LOVE Owls. =D You look up to your brother like he's the bee's knees. And when I said you liked cars and planes, perhaps that was an understatement. You spend most of your day either sitting at the train table, sitting at the couch, or lying flat on your tummy lining up your cars one by one very methodically. It's quite adorable, I must say! You are such a blessing to us in so many ways, and a miracle in your own right as well!

I'm so thankful that your Dr. was able to save your life during delivery - that she was able to force her fingers under the cord that was so tightly wrapped around your neck even before you were outside in the real world. I remember each time that I wasn't able to push hard enough, and everyone's faces would turn a ghastly shade of greenish grey, as they all shouted at me to push harder than I had ever pushed before. You would crown, she'd get her fingers between the cord and you so you could take a breath, and then you'd slip back inside, unable to breathe, me exhausted beyond belief, thinking you were dead, since for the last 15 minutes no one would tell me if you were alive and the staff in the room had gone from 1 Doctor and 2 Nurses to 2 or 3 Doctors, a NICU Doctor, and about 8 other Nurses or RN's. I was terrified, heartbroken, overwhelmed with feelings I can't even begin to explain. But eventually, with a cut, a vacuum, and the Lord guiding every step, every movement, every breath and heartbeat that day, out you came, the most beautiful little boy, crying and blue, with a terrible APGAR score. Oh, but when I got to hold you for a only moment before my Dr. friend from the NICU who had taken care of Levi only 2 years before, assessed you and said you were good to go, I had already fallen deeply in love, smitten at the very first glance. Whoever says love at first sight isn't possible, clearly has never had the joy of parenthood. OH, GLORY TO GOD ON THE HIGHEST!!! I know how blessed I am - for I know that others don't always have that same blessing, and the fact that God fulfilled that prayer that I would hear your laughter one day is something I don't hold lightly. I treasure that in my heart greatly, just like I treasure you Owen. You are my sweet little Owie boy, and I love you more than life!!!

My greatest hope for you is that you live your life with great passion for God, that in all ways you would seek his will, and fear Him and love Him with all your heart. May you have great wisdom to do the things that God asks of you, and do them well, and live your life loving others with great compassion, seeing them through God's eyes and not your own. Selah! I love you my little Owie. I love you so very, very much, and I am so excited to continue to paint and draw (which, by the way, you have an amazing, and I mean AMAZING gift!) and giggle and cuddle and worship with you for the rest of our lives!

With the greatest of love,
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