Monday, March 10, 2014

"The Hunt is On..." – Tangle #05

"The Hunt is On..." – Tangle #05     4" x 4"      Ink & Graphite on Pulp Board Coaster

I was just asked to join in on the Spring Boutique, the Spring version of what my friends throw in the Fall which is an amazing gathering of all my very talented artistic friends who get together for good times but most of all to sell their crafts! It's a time of merriment, laughter, and good cheer, and I wouldn't miss out on it for the world, and even last time, in the midst of a flare, with the help of the sweetest woman ever, she helped me in my wheelchair to set up and tear down my little table full of artistic goodies. It was awesome!

So you can imagine that this time around I'm super stoked to go back, and now that I know what to expect (I was SUPER disorganized last time just because of the sheer lack of experience at running a booth like that - I'm used to doing henna or facepainting, not selling art, so it was really different for me!) but yeah, now that I know what to expect I imagine that I can plan ahead much better and therefore have things run MUCH more smoothly in my booth. For instance, I was stuffing prints and taping them to their backings the whole time, which I could have done at home the entire week or month before, so I can avoid that at the next event and be able to focus more on my customers this time around and not feel so hectic or embarrased by my disorderliness. I'm sure everyone has their own stories of things they weren't quite ready for, and this was one of those, but I'm so excited to be able to go back and do it again with a fresh eye and some experience under my belt - and RECEIPTS too, even if just for my own records!

But in all the thoughts of this, it's really gotten me in the feeling of spring and Easter already, and I'm already starting to decorate eggs apparently. I made another similar drawing along with this one that I can't wait to share - but I love spacing them out so I have more posts, can ya blame me? =0)  Anyways, this one was a total blast and seriously is making me get the itch for illustration... I'm thinking of taking out a large clayboard and start a bigger work on there, but I don't know – if I did I'll have to share each different section I worked on with you as I go along each day, which could be really fun. And I could do one that's realistic-ish like this, or rather playful like I suppose, and one that's more pattern, texture, and henna in styling. Oooh, I think I just came up with a new project!!!

Whelp, first it's off to bed and then hopefully I'll be seeing you soon! Take care my friends! I love you and God bless! =D

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Night Owl" - Tangle #4 and a Whole New Series in the Works!!! =0)

"Night Owl" - Tangle #04    2.5" x 3.5"      Graphite, Colored Pencil and Ink on Acrylic Paper (ACEO)
$25 - Email me if Interested

This little Owl stole my heart as soon as he made his appearance. And I knew that I immediately wanted to make a series of woodland creatures in this style, so as of now I am currently working on work #02 in the series, a playful little bear cub, who's trying so hard to climb over a tree that's a mite bit taller than he is. As for this Owl though, he's got a wild side - a little bit of mischeviousness to him that I just adore. It's as if as soon as the sun sets his playful side comes out and little mousies beware!

I hope you are having fun being your own little playful selves as well! And oh how I'm loving this newfound LOVE for pen and ink - I think it rather suits me, especially when color is involved. =0) I'd love to know what you think or what woodland animals you would like to see from me next. And thanks for not giving up on me - you have no idea what that means to this weary soul - it's like the elixir of LOVE and LIFE and JOY all mixed up into one sweet tonic, and I thank you heartily for that. Have a wonderful day, my friends, and stay inspired! You have no idea how much you have helped keep me inspired yourselves!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Metamorphosis" - Tangles #03 And a MAJOR CHANGE of HEART

"Metamorphosis" - Tangle #03     2.75" x 2.75"     Ink and Graphite on Illustration Board
Lately, God has been making some MAJOR changes in my heart and in my life. I didn't realize how incredibly selfish I had become in my PAIN because of my fibromyalgia and myofascial pain conditions and more. I had adopted these terrible habits and ways of thinking over these last two years, more so like an attitude of "I'm in pain, and I'm dealing with more than you can possibly even imagine, so you need to figure out all the rest and just DEAL WITH IT" kind of thing with my husband and my mom, and just about everyone else I love, without even seeing how disgusting that sounds. It's easy looking at it now to see how gross it is, I mean, HOW SELFISH OF ME!!! But at the time, I had no idea what it looked like from the outside. I was so consumed by pain, I dare say I didn't even care how it looked at the time, which is just awful!

I had no idea how much of a toll an attitude like that would have on my marriage, my friendships, my family, and every relationship I had - I was horrified once it was brought to my attention that a change had taken place in my heart and that this once happy go lucky girl was consumed by bitterness and anger, by pain and hurt, and I immediately knew that what I just said above was what was at the heart of the matter. Anger, bitterness, and pain in my soul over all I had lost in my life, after having had such a difficult childhood, everything just seemed so unfair. Life seemed so unfair. It's like every time Tyler and I turned our backs and got through one difficulty, like having a Preemie, and then our second pregnancy being more painful and difficult than the first, and each thing carrying with it a 95% chance of ending in divorce, and each new challenge with the same statistics being dropped in our laps - I just couldn't handle it anymore - and clearly didn't handle it in a Godly way. I'm sure you could read it in the tone of my posts, and for that I apologize greatly! I truly, sincerely do!

The good news is that God has taken hold of me, given me a good shake up, and gotten my attention once again to start working on the tender spots and dark places in me once again. After all, we're never a finished work of art - the potter is never quite finished working on us for we are always works in progress until the day we die. And as for me, I just needed some good SOLID direction for me to start working on the right parts of me to get this metamorphosis of the heart to really get started. And I praise God He's set my feet back on solid ground; back on the right track, though the journey is a LONG one and I'm going to fall flat on my face plenty of times along the way and have to pick myself back up again, wipe myself off, and get started all over again. But praise God that He is a merciful and forgiving God, because I know that so long as I draw near to Him during this arduous journey, this journey that is going to be full of pain, and heartache, and where I'm going to find out things about myself that I don't want to see, at least I know that if I draw near to HIM, HE will ALWAYS draw near to ME too. Praise God for that!!! And let the Metamorphosis begin!
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