Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! - Oh, and a Portrait Drawing of Sorts...

Okay, so the winner for October is.... Natalia Hedlin! Congratulations and thanks for the great idea!!! I love the idea and have so many different ideas swirling in my head about how to approach that, but it's gonna be awesome, so thank you so much! Would you rather the Commissioned Abstract or the painting "Under the Starry Sky So Blue"? Let me know your choice as well as your address via private email or a private message on my Facebook Fan Page, and we'll work from there on getting your painting out to you. Thank you so much everyone for the excellent ideas - I always need more, so if you ever want to see me try something out or commission a work from me, just let me know. Have a great day everyone!

Oh yeah, and before I forget, I'll be announcing the new contest for November in, well, November, so stick around to see what you can win. With the holidays soon upon us, I imagine it will be a themed prize for once. =0)  Well, seriously, I gotta go. I still haven't gone to bed yet and I'm supposed to get up in two hours, so we'll see how that works out on my body. This might not be too pretty. Hopefully this portrait however is, though I say portrait loosely because it's not really a portrait, since it's fictional. Is it then just a drawing or a fictional portrait? Oh man, no more posting at 6:30am for me! Well, it's off to bed for me now - I hope you're sleeping comfortably in yours and I hope to be posting again soon. Take care of yourselves out there today! 

"Her Gaze"     8" x 10"     Graphite on Tracing Paper Placed Over Drawing Paper

Oh, and by the way, this picture is also taken by my phone, which is good, but not perfectly true to nature in coloring. After all, it's indoors and it's nighttime, or morning, but yeah, you get the point I'm sure! I did find that I really rather enjoyed drawing on Tracing Paper and then placing it over some Drawing Paper in my Sketchbook. It gave the drawing a certain sheen and a softness to it that I've never felt or seen with Drawing Paper alone, and you can be sure I'll be testing what other effects I can get with this in the future. So many ways you could manipulate this image by what paper you use underneath it - if I come up with any cool combinations I'll let you know. Okay, seriously though, I really am going to go to sleep now. I mean it... Goodnight and good morning! =)

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Trudging Along" - A Colored Pencil and Conte Pencil Drawing

"Trudging Along"     Colored Pencil and Conte Pencil on Bristol Board
Sorry, I know this isn't the best picture ever, but I'm so incredibly tired and just wanted to get this up here - and in all honesty, it's just a picture off my phone. But If you like this piece and are interested in Purchasing this Original Work of Art, Please feel free to Email Me Via My "About Me" Section on the Right Side Panel. Thanks! And Have a Great Day!

It's been more and more difficult and far more painful than I ever imagined it would be at this point for me to get out my paints and brushes these last few days, or really this entire last month. I keep promising myself that I'll try my hardest to get everything set up so I can work on some projects, but my body just isn't havin' it right now. 

And it's become more than just a little bit frustrating by now - after all it's my best way of blowing off emotional steam,  and since this flare hit last month I've had plenty of steam to fuel a freight car right now. But like I said before, this time I'm choosing to fight this with all I got, and so away go the paints for a small time (I'm still praying and holding out hope that this won't last too long) and out come the drawing tools. 

I've been working with colored pencils, Conte crayons, and oil pastels, not to mention plain old graphite the last few days, and I'm just trying to get in as much practice as possible. I'd actually forgotten how much fun just the practice of drawing and, well, practicing in general, really can be and I'm actually having a blast with this! 

Finally, I'm starting to make some progress here, with God's help. I'm learning how to make the best with what I have, though I have a long road ahead of me before I get that one down. =0)  Rather than just letting myself get depressed with what I can't do right now, I've been praying that God would open my eyes to see the things I CAN do instead, & I have to admit it sure does make a huge impact on your life. Everything seems to be so much happier this way, the days seem brighter and more full of hope, and I feel way less defeated as well . It's way more fun when you can find a way of looking at things as if the glass were half full rather than it always being half empty, or so I seem to be learning this these last few weeks. It's quite a change of pace for me but I'm really enjoying it and I can't wait to see what it leads to! God bless you and have a great day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October's Contest - Only One Week Long and It's a Fun One!

I'm so excited to announce this month's contest, which will last only one week. It's gonna be a breeze! All I want from you is some cute ideas by October 23rd (it's not much time, so you'll have to think quick!) of what to paint on miniature canvases for a boutique I'm going to be working at (Lord willing of course, given this fibro) on the 2nd of November. They can be themed, seasonal, random, or abstract, but any ideas would help. The person with my favorite idea wins an abstract painting created just for you, with whichever colors or feel to it that you would like. Or rather than an abstract, you may choose the painting below instead. So game on my friends, game on! =0)

"Under the Starry Sky So Blue"     5" x 7"     Acrylic on Museum Quality Claybord

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wow, Talk About a Quick Turn-Around! Let's Hope This Lasts!

My Momma and I on our Vacation, on the Wharf in Monterey about to enjoy the most amazing food EVER at Fisherman's Grotto. So, so good!
Oh how beautiful are Your works, my Lord, from the depths of the seas to the heights of the heavens - Your Glory is in all that we see!
 Wow, if ever there was a tremendous turn-around in only a few days, boy did I ever experience it! I can't thank you enough from the very bottom of my heart how very thankful I am for all the prayers, well-wishes and words of encouragement - we hit rock bottom but didn't end up battered and broken this time. No, this time God got us through it much more smoothly than last year, and even though another storm may yet still be on the horizon for us, as winter hasn't even hit yet, we're learning how to attack things head on rather than be the one's without a plan.

How beautiful the Wharf is in the Evening. I LOVE the crisp white coloring on the boats, and the way the reflect so beautifully on the water.
I wish with so much of my being that I could say it was cutting out Gluten that saved us, but alas, I am most definitely, without a doubt, NOT Gluten Intolerant. Not that I really ever thought I was, but we wanted to do the Gluten Cleanse for many reason, first and foremost because I know that people really DO have tremendous issues as a result of eating Gluten, and secondly because my niece is actually one of them. For her, she noticed in a week changes taking place in her body, and by week 4 she was feeling pretty great. As for me, even after 5 weeks of following the rules to the T I found not even an ounce less of pain or discomfort, and I had no intestinal problems to start with that weren't directly caused by my meds so there was really nothing to fix there.

I'm loving this new red hair-color on me even if it was supposed to be blonde. It brings out the red in my eyes and I'm not sure whether to go even lighter and blonde (since I've been a bleach white blonde naturally most of my life) or if I should go red again, whether of the same tone or even richer. Any thoughts?
What worked for me was a bit strange to my doctors, and it took them some time to agree to it, and honestly, a very desperate and absolutely honest to goodness breakdown by me in one of their offices over the fact that even with all the work we had done over the year, the bio-feedback, the Physical Therapy, the psychology and psychiatry and acupuncture and breathing exercises, stretches, hot baths, heating pads, just about every trick in the book, including Tiger Balm and Capsacin (ouch! that stuff hurts!), everything was wiped away in an instant, in a perfect storm of emotions, rain, discontinuation of acupuncture and it was back to the ER for me, feeling pain that I hope none of you will ever have to feel. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy it was so bad. But what we did was adjust one med, one we used exclusively only during the winter last year and will again cut off during the spring, or so I assume, and we made it go from a "take as you need and only if you're dying from pain" type of med to a regular, 3 times a day med, and it worked wonders on my body in as little as 24 hours. Literally, one full day of full time use at regular intervals and I went from writhing in pain to being able to manage myself a little bit more and more each and every day. We brought Gluten back in and found not one extra ounce of pain - no change at all. It was the medicine, through and through. Crazy right?

And we took some measures of our own on this trip, like buying this grabber for one and what I believe is a Walnut Wood Cane, so I can pretend to be Quite Distinguished... I only got this shot of the grabber, but I'm sure we'll be seeing some with me and the cane in the months to come! Lol!
But I thank God that my Doctors took aggressive measures for me - they even are going so far as to not only reinstate acupuncture for me, but I get to go weekly for a while in November and I am just oozing with gratitude for that!

See?! See, that's me, "Oozing with Gratitude!"  =0)
We, my mother and I that is, had planned a trip months ago to go to Monterey for a few days, and thought for sure that two weeks before the trip was due that there was no way on earth we could do it. I was in such a bad place physically and we didn't know what to do other than pray and hope for the best. Luckily, or rather, in God's PERFECT TIMING, my Drs. made those changes to my meds and so we decided that with just us two gals and a wheel chair we could try to make this work. I stopped my Gluten Free diet the day before the trip so as not to get a false positive because of the extra activity, and I felt great. It's crazy to me that I actually felt better bringing wheat back into my diet than I ever did taking it out. I'm sure glad I tried it though just in case it might have worked, because I don't want to rule any options of being free from this pain out, but it just wasn't in God's cards for me I suppose. I know for a fact that God has a plan for me in this suffering - nothing we go through hasn't gone through God first, and I am positive that at this point in time God wants us to struggle through this pain, even if that doesn't make sense to anyone else. I do want to be like Christ in His suffering, and this is just one way to bring me closer to Him and to understand Him even more. And of course, I still have plans to try many more tests, food and other-wise, to try in the months to come just to see what might work, though I'm struggling on deciding on which one to do next, considering all the yummy holidays coming up... Hmmm... I'll have to give this some serious thought, that's for sure!

And here's my mom, playing with her little Hermit Crab friend she named "Hermie." Quite original, huh? Haha! Oh, but how I love the way my mom can just let loose and let the child in her come out as she explores the world in ways that even children would admire. She is a true adventurer, through and through, and a wonderful mother. I am truly blessed!
Well, I just wanted to thank you all so very much - every prayer, every word of encouragement along the way, every single act of kindness from you all have overwhelmed me in the most blessed of ways. I feel so blessed to be your friend, so blessed to have you in my life, and I pray that in some way I can help you every bit as much as you helped me. I praise my God for you, and for what He has done in my life. Even through all the darkness I've felt in these past months and years, you have helped to remind me that God is always there for me, which means their is always hope, always Light to drown out the darkness, and always hope if one is willing to find it

It's crazy how sometimes the light is even more beautiful when surrounded by darkness, don't you agree?
I noticed over the weekend with my mom, as she pushed me around and as we encountered little obstacles here and there because I still can't walk very well and am still very weak, that she's been struggling to see the reason in all of this, and it was actually rather fun to be able to share with her the things God has shown me and grown in me and my family because of these overwhelming hardships we've faced in the last four years, but most expressly this last year. God brought me and my role of a mother from that selfish place that so many mother's experience when they have their first child and finally get hit smack dab in the middle of their face that their life really is no longer their own - no selfishness allowed from here on out when little ones are involved. Not only do you have to give up your sleep, but even every waking hour is spent feeding, clothing, diapering or potty training, raising up a tiny little human being into a good and helpful member of society. You spend your days reading, playing, and honestly sometimes just trying to escape from your child for one moment just to use the restroom in peace, though we all know that's a joke! And then there's the guilt involved in it all - am I spending too much time on myself, am I raising them right, am I teaching them the values and ideals I want them to learn. Can I please just have one hour of peace and quiet just to myself, where I'm not flooded with thoughts about my children or with tasks to do, but where I can experience true peace and rest?!

Speaking of children, we went to Monterey a few months ago to this very same beach and finding anemones and urchins was rather difficult. Apparently over that time they've been rather busy, breeding like rabbits! Every rock was COVERED with them - in fact, it was a little gross to be honest, but amazing all the same.
I felt like I lived for nap times - they were what made or broke my attitude each day, and what determined whether my husband found when he came home - either sweet little miss 50's in her fine linens and with dinner piping hot on the table, or the HULK. All too often he found the second, I'm embarrased to say, but it's true. And you know what it took to change me and the way I viewed my days and this all too precious, all too short time with my sweet and hyper little babes? It took God slamming me on my back in utter agony so that I was literally FORCED in every way to slow down and smell the roses (or more often than not, the sweet smell of baby powder as it unsuccessfully tries to mask the odor of whatever my child ate the day before because my word - did it smell wretched!!!). But yeah, Praise be to God for knowing exactly what it would take to bring me from resenting my children and all the time they were stealing from me and becoming a mother who looked forward to each fleeting moment I could get with them because I barely ever got to see them anymore. Sure gave me a HUGE reality check there, and honestly, the way that my pain has shaped the way I love and treasure and even just see my family, there is no way on earth I would EVER give that up, and I mean EVER!

There was a HUGE fire across the bay, and yet even through the thick smoke and destruction there was a beauty to it that everyone who saw it with us could not deny. Powerful, Unstoppable, Beautiful.

It's helped grow my husband and I as well, shifting our relationship from bickering over trivial matters to coming together in tears and crying out to God for mercy. It got God in the center, and even though there are parts of the UGLY in me that I wish my husband had never seen, and that his entire family had never seen, parts so disturbing that I cringe to even think of them, even though our relationships will never be the same, at least for mine and my husbands I am grateful for that in ways you could never understand. Before he understood or believed what was going on in my body was very real and every bit as painful as I claimed, which is one of the greatest difficulties people with this very REAL auto-immune disorder face every day, I have to say we just weren't being very gracious with each other - and neither of us was blame free in it. But now, now that we've been through this journey together, not only does he seem to view me as his Princess to save and I see him as my Knight in Shining Armor, but God is more in the center of US than He ever has been before, and I would never give that up for all the world as well.

This was something else that had grown over the few months since we had last been here - the kelp and seaweed shot up like crazy - some of those strands were an easy 20 foot length - I wish we could have measured them for sure. Much like the growth in our own lives - we can both see it and we know it's there, but it's immeasurable and only God alone knows how much growth has really taken place.
And these are just a few things God has done in our lives - I can't wait to see the impact this will make on us and those around us throughout the years. We've been blessed by friends who we will never ever be able to repay, and we are learning to accept that, hard as it is, because that's just how things have to be. We've seen our friends and family growing in God, being like Christ to us in our suffering, helping us pick up the pieces of our shattered lives and home, bringing us food, cleaning our home, watching our children, and just being THERE for us when we need them, and it's just amazing and beautiful to behold. We're spending more time trying to teach our children about God and who He is and what beautiful things He's done in our lives, though there's always room for improvement there, and I certainly don't claim to have all these things out to a tee. I just am so thankful for the way God has used this to slow us down by force so that we can see what truly matters - the eternal over the present, and all our relationships over our free time. It's incredible what God can show you if you're willing to listen, and I eagerly await with still a little fear and trepidation what He has to show me in the future, in order to change me and shape me into who He wants me to be.

I LOVE finding beauty in the unexpected!
I hope and pray that there is something in this again VERY LONG POST that speaks to you, and if you ever want to talk, please, feel free to leave a comment or follow the link under "About Me" to leave me an email. Honestly, I'm not sure that I can even help, but I CAN listen if that's what you need, so the offer stands. I hope you are finding your own sweet little moments of bliss in your life, and that God will continue to show Himself to you in new and exciting ways. As for me, I think I'll try to get in a brushstroke or two before the boys awake, if I get the chance. God bless you, my friends, and thank you ever so much for your continued prayers and support in this rather strange journey in the life of this tortured little artist. Take care!

One more look at the sea in all it's splendor before we go - the waves were crashing hard that day and the pounding of them upon the rocks filled the air with awe and wonder at the power behind them - a power and strength that pales in comparison to it's Creator, Christ our Lord. How I wish I could paint even a fraction of the beauty that God makes every day, but it is certainly enough to just be gifted enough to witness it in person. How great is OUR GOD!

Good-bye for now! Until next year, Monterey! We had such a fun trip, despite the wheelchairs and late starts due to my pain and my fibro, but I'm just so overjoyed at the fact we were even able to go that I can't complain at all. What a blast we had - thank you so much for your prayers that surely helped allow us to enjoy this trip, let alone even go on it. I really needed that!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Whispers of Fall Dancing in the Wind" - An Abstract Painting by Melissa Adams

"Whispers of Fall Dancing in the Wind"   4" x 4"     Acrylic on Gessoboard

Well hello there, my long lost friends - those of you who I hope still remember who I am! I'm so sorry for having gone missing for so long on here, but things have gotten rather intense over here medically speaking and I just now am regaining the strength I need to even just sit up on my own in the morning (still not there yet) let alone sit up for long periods of time to paint. I've missed it so much more than I ever thought I would and I am just dying to truly get back to the easel!

Here's my painting all set up on it's easel in our home. It's my feeble attempt at cheering up our house AND showcasing my painting at the same time, all while creating a little "Fall Moment" filled with joy in the Living Room. I'm a sucker for Burlap and Pine-cones - there's even more scattered throughout the house, including places like the fireplace and Levi's shelf - I mean the pine-cones of course... I mean, they're just so incredibly cute and festive - you gotta love them!

So I guess it's been a whole month now since I suffered a massive, and I mean MASSIVE "throw-me-on-my-back - no longer able to take care of myself or the kids - walkin' like the Tin Man - using the wheelchair around the house - being taken care of like an invalid" type of flare. It's left me and my whole family reeling from the weight of it all, and we're finally, by the grace of God, finding our way back into the land of the living rather than the "just surviving." It feels like everything I've learned, all my pain management techniques and bio-feedback, all the breathing, relaxing, stretching and everything I've learned over this last year was just wiped away in one fell swoop of God's hand and made useless due to one tiny rainy weather system and a few other elements that all stacked up at once and took us down HARD. We hit rock bottom again, just like last winter, and I sobbed like a little child who lost their favorite toy at the reality that everything I feared, everything I tried to tell myself wouldn't happen again DID INDEED HAPPEN, and it happened so quickly we barely had time to react.

So there I was, struggling to breathe, to move, to live, to exist and to just try and get in a measly 5 minutes of play with my dear sweet little boys, just as if we never left last winter behind us last year. I was in a bad way, so much so that my mom, my sweet ever self-sacrificial mom, gave up every moment she could to be with us and try to help us through it, watching the boys, making dinner, cleaning the house, helping Ty get in some precious moments of work actually AT the office. And Ty's mom and dad just started watching the boys again for us as well, with Karla giving up two whole days to devote to them entirely so Ty can get in even more time at work - which I must admit as a mother is both incredibly wonderful and terribly painful for me. It's just so hard to watch my sweet little boys being taken from my home into anothers, even sweet loving "Gaga", to be raised by someone other than myself. It hurts and that's all there is to it. I feel for all you working mom's out there - you guys are amazing, facing the pain and the dilemma each and every work day in order to make ends meet and have a home for your family - you amaze me!

And it's not just me who's been struggling with all this - it's been hard for everyone I love, trust me! My sister and her awesome teenage daughter, Willow, have been essential in my new trial at a Gluten Free lifestyle. Going Gluten Free saved Willow's adolescense in so many ways - she was constantly suffering from excruciating pain in her hips and her wrists and one day my sister decided to see if there was any way it was possibly linked to Gluten, and by golly, getting Willow off it solved EVERYTHING! It's definitely an avenue to explore, that's for sure, though it doesn't work for everyone. 

Right now I miss my boys so much, the two little ones and the 6'1" one as well. I've been having the strangest symptoms lately as well of such overwhelming fatigue that it feels like I'm a narcoleptic or something at times. I've spilled far too many coffees, breakfasts, and even bowls of ice-cream into my lap because of it, as like a toddler, I fall asleep quite uncontrollably while I'm eating. I sleep insane hours - no joke, sleeping consistently 18-20 hours so many days out of the week that it unnerves me and seems so unnatural. It's actually quite scary at times, and it can be hard for Ty to rouse me awake - yet another chore for that poor over-worked man to have on his plate. For better or worse, though, and I don't even know if we've seen the worst of it yet, but he sure has borne far more than most men have had to in this department. Yet we ALL have our own forms of BAD. This auto-immune disorder just happens to be ours, and it's a toughy. And we don't even have it as bad as others do, if you want to start comparing, but I have to say this still isn't easy by any means. It will be by God's grace alone that we will get through this winter, and all the winters after that. But still, I find myself facing the wind and the rain and all the storms in my life, be they emotional, physical or literal, that are sure to come our way with a sick feeling in my gut, terror and fear gripping me, and a broken, wavering heart. How do we do this? Is this our life - forever?

After all, we weren't sure that this winter would even be that bad. Well, everyone else wasn't, though I can't say the same for myself. For some reason, no matter how hard I tried to deny it, I just couldn't shake the certainty that even though we had come so far, that a huge flare of pain was coming, coming hard and fast and every bit as bad as it was before. And so, when it hit us I felt instantly crushed. It was a Wednesday, and I had a very dear and amazing friend over, one of those kinds of friends that you pray for all your life and praise the Lord for finally bringing them to you. Those steadfast, through the muck and real-life "this is me, with my guard down and what you see is what you get" types of girls that loves you despite all of that. Oh, she's a keeper alright. In fact, all my dearest friends are and I love them for that! I can't even begin to tell you how much it was worth every moment in those seven full years of praying to have those type of steadfast women of faith like that in my life, but I am so very grateful for them! If you don't have friends like this - don't lose hope my friends, just pray without ceasing and have faith that God will bring them to you in his timing, and He will. Like I said, it took 7 years, but it was worth every second of that wait!

Anyways, I had a dear friend over, and as it seems to happen whenever a little friend of the boys' comes over, my boys acted like I fed them spoonfuls of sugar topped with coffee that morning, and I started getting more exhausted than is usual for me. It was that scary kind of tired, the type that leads down avenues of pain I'd rather not visit. So I called Tyler soon after she left and he immediately came home to my aid, as I was huffing and puffing just by walking around the house. He took over the boys and I lay down and tried to regain my strength. That Friday we had a girls night at my home, (oh how it was amazing to see all the faces I have missed so much over this last year!!!) and Tyler, my knight in shining armor, literally did everything to make it happen so I didn't have to move a muscle. How I convinced that man to marry me I still haven't figured out, but it puzzles me every day! Anyways, after a mix up that night with my Doc we ended up heading to the ER to pick up a mixed up prescription and they could immediately see I wasn't doing so well. They gave me some Valium and Dilaudid and sent me home. From that point on, my exhaustion exploded - I quite literally slept 3 days straight, other than taking small moments to eat or use the washroom or give the boys a kiss and whisper that I love them... =) Unfortunately a few days later we ended up back in the ER merely because the pain became unbearable, and it required getting a shot this time, which helped a ton, and from that point on I started working hard with all my Drs. to figure out what was causing such a ridiculously hard flare.

We've taken leaps and bounds in my care since then, starting on working up some flare plans for everything from mild to severe flares like this one, but I'm still finding it hard to make a plan for something so completely debilitating. I mean, I can measure how bad I'm doing by whether or not I can handle even the simple task of painting or walking around the house without a walker, the first of which is known as a wonderful form of therapy in so many ways. But it's been weeks since I've been able to handle sitting up long enough to even paint a little bit, let alone hold the paintbrush and get out my supplies. Perhaps I should Google how to paint while laying down like Frida Kahlo did most of her life due to her horrible accident when she was young, but then again, that's most likely a recipe for disaster in a household with two little boys constantly running around getting their fingers around every single thing in it. Perhaps that's not such a great idea after all... But slowly, like last year, and with the help of many wonderful souls, we'll get through this winter to face a beautiful spring. I know in all my heart that God will get us through this - after all this is His good and perfect plan for our lives, and God simply doesn't make mistakes nor does He pick up the pieces like a confused parent, trying to make the most of what's left. God not only allowed this for my life, He filtered it and planned it specifically for me and my family because He knew we could use it to help us grow and mature in Him, and eventually He will use it for great things some day, even if I never do get to see them here on earth.

Wow, I'm sorry for going on and on like that for so long, I've just had so very much on my mind, on my heart and on my plate, and I feel like it's been ages since I last checked in with you on here. It's so therapeutic to write things out and share them with others, though I imagine that it might bore some of you (if not all of you) to death at times. But that's alright, not boring you to death, that is. I just meant there's always that handy-dandy little scroll bar to help cut to the chase of the matter and skip through all the type to see the pictures. For those who truly enjoy to listen, I thank you from the depths of my being - you have no idea how much it means to me to have such sweet and loyal followers of my art, and to those who don't, I want to thank you as well. I love all my readers, even if you don't really care so much about the words and just want to see the work! I feel blessed either way!!! So I'll leave with this - this last picture that was taken not too long before my major flare hit this Fall, and it's just happy little me, all covered in paints in the middle of the night after having poured myself into creating quite a pile of art and a wonderful mess of beautiful abstracts. I do believe abstracts are my joy-finders - they are so random and lovely and make me smile nearly every single time I do them, so perhaps I should try doing them more often! Trust me, if I can get up some more regular posts this month, I'll be sharing each one of them with you that I made that night. Oooh, and I have a new contest for this month as well, though I honestly haven't decided what it should be yet. I should hope to have it up by tomorrow, Lord willing, so stay tuned because this may just be your lucky month. =0)   Either way, it will be an easy one to participate in, so it's worth doing if you have even only a minute of your time to spare. Well, I hope to talk to you soon, my dear friends! May God bless you this day!  =)

Little Missy Messy Hands  =0)
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