Friday, January 11, 2013

"Marshmallow Frenzy" - An Abstract Painting

"Marshmallow Frenzy"     4" x 5"     Acrylic on Archival Canvas Panel

This was one of the funnest paintings I've done in a while. It's highly textured, full of color and very hectic, just like my life. Lol! I'm starting to thoroughly enjoy just slapping on the paint in thick applications - there's something so wonderful about it, it's almost indescribable. I think the best thing I can compare it to is when you ice a cake with thick, wonderful, mouth-watering icing. It's such a blast, granted I can't really eat this one without getting majorly sick. But hey, I love it, so that's fine with me! =D

Oh, and if you think the name is weird, blame my momma - she named it! Hahaha, love ya mom! =D

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