Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Start This Year Off With a BANG!!! "Vision's of Lassen" - A Landscape Painting

Let's Start the New Year off with a BANG! I've been painting a lot these last few days, and one of my various projects was this wonderful little painting that I revamped as a gift for my mother for Christmas. We celebrated late this year, in fact just a few days ago, and the day before we did Christmas I realized just how much I really wanted to give her something extra special, something that showed her how much I love her, and this immediately came to mind even though I knew it needed a little love. She had always loved this painting years back when I first created it in 2007, back when we lived in our tiny little house off Malicoat, having been married for only about a year at that time. So I went back over it and made quite a few changes, adding highlights here, darkening shadows there. I added in the beautiful little Indian Paintbrushes to make it extra sweet, and molded the clouds with extra flare, in order to give it a dreamy look. I got especially creative with it since I wasn't working off of any references, I was just painting from my soul. It's always a beautiful thing when you get caught up in the moment and swept up in the winds of inspiration.

So here's a look at my playful side. The side of me that likes to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. The side of me that wants to try to "Pursue, Persist and Persevere" this year. I chose those as my words to focus on this year, my motto really, that I want to live by. I have some dreams that are worth catching and I'm going to do my best to get there, as long as I'm able. =)

As for this painting, it's really just my vision of Lassen, the one I have buried down deep within my soul that consists of pure feeling more than anything else. It's the joy and the beauty and the wonder in God's beautiful creation and in His abundant glory. It's one of the places I've treasured in my mind since I was yet a child, it was always a safe and happy place, where when nights were rough and my world seemed to fall in around me, I would meet my God there in my mind and we would stroll through the valleys and along the water's edge. It is such a beautiful place!

I hope that for you this new day, be it the first day of the New Year or even just the first day of the rest of your life, that this day is full of excitement and wonder for you. I hope and pray you find motivation in the outlook of a new slate, a fresh start, a time to go for what you dream, even if your "eyes are a little bigger than your stomach."  =)

Happy New Years my friends!!! Stay inspired, keep dreaming, and may this year bring you joy in abundance and many happy moments to create beauty in your life!

"Visions of Lassen"     9" x 12"    Acrylic on Canvas     2007-2012


  1. Melissa: This is a very beautiful painting, a very beautiful blog, and you are a very beautiful young lady,I Love you so much and hope that you and yours have an absolutely wonderful New Year ! Always Dad

    1. Aww, Daddy, thank you so much! I love you so much and miss you like crazy! Hope you have an amazing New Year too and that we all get to see each other soon - it is long overdue! Love you!!! =D

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love that you painted wildfowers in the green bushes. Such lovely splashes of color. I hope that you will stay inspired as well :)


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