Monday, January 14, 2013

"Miniature Sea Dragon" - An Animal Painting of a Sea Dragon

For Christmas this year I decided to paint my sister a tiny little painting for her bathroom, which is decorated quite beautifully with an ocean theme, though I may have missed the mark color-wise a little bit, considering her color scheme is much softer and consists of cool tans and blues and whites. Well, even if she can't use it in there, this one's small enough to fit just about anywhere, so she can actually just even put it on her nightstand if she really wants to - problem solved!  =)

 I have been dying to paint her a special painting made specifically for her, and even though this was a little tiny one, there was a lot of love built into it! Here's how it turned out, or atleast here's the front view (I painted the sides as well so that it looks good from every angle):

"Miniature Sea Dragon"     2" x 4"     Acrylic on Canvas
Not For Sale

And here's how it looks on it's tiny black easel - it's just so stinkin' cute this way, dontcha' think?

"Miniature Sea Dragon" on it's Miniature Easel   =D

I've been wanting to paint her a seahorse for years now, as it's one of her favorite animals, and I finally got the chance to do it! Her family and ours just celebrated our Christmas yesterday, (a little late -cough, cough - but still) we had a total blast!!! We got pizza, watched those little Hulu special movies of the Yule log and snow and Christmas lights, and had chocolate chip cookie brownies with hot cocoa while we opened presents. What more could a person ask for!?!

As for this painting, I really like how this one turned out, and will definitely be returning to this subject to create a larger one in the future. In fact, I'm so excited about it that I already have the name picked out! And like so many of the seascape and ocean animal images before this one, the image was garnered from my over-abundant album of (unprinted) photos from last year's anniversary trip with baby Owen down to Monterey, California, where like always we just had to visit the Aquarium. Seriously, it just doesn't feel like a trip to Monterey without a stroll around those hugely gorgeous tanks of water filled with the ocean's wild abundance. Boy oh boy, I just love it there! We try and go there every year, and I'm not kidding, every time we go it's still as new and as exciting as the first time, plus with the added nostalgia of special memories from each year we've visited there in the past! I really hope we get the chance to go there again this year, but even if we don't, I'm sure we have enough video footage and photography from it to make up a pretend vacation for ourselves, that is, if we get really desperate... Lol!

Well, it's off to bed for me now. I'm hoping today to maybe be able to get ahead for the week and try to knock out two paintings later today, though I highly doubt that's actually going to happen. I know I sorely overdid it this weekend, though it was definitely worth it, but I may be paying for it more tomorrow than I really am counting on. Oh well, I'm glad we got to have fun, even if it does cause a heap of pain later!

I hope you all have a fantastic night and I hope to be seeing you all tomorrow! =)


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