Thursday, February 7, 2013

Priming My Canvases

Yay!!! I totally got to prime some of my canvases yesterday, and got to put down a test layer for a commission I am working on as well, which is a thumbprint wedding tree! I am sooo, so excited about that one, as it's more graphic in nature, and am in the process of trying to figure out what surface the ink adheres to the best. I thought it would work on straight plain canvas the best, but it turns out it doesn't. And then I tried regular colored paint which led to no smudges at all! So now I just have to make sure if regular white acrylic paint works best, or if white gesso will. My guess is the acrylic paint, but we'll see soon enough. =) 

But yeah, so I got to prime canvases like I said which is one of my very favorite things to do ever! I just love the mindlessness of this process, and since I most often use Burnt Sienna as my color of choice, I love it when that color shows through while I paint, lending to a rich, warm painting in the end as well. So beautiful! I've tried so many approaches to painting, like painting each portion at a time with no underpainting first, and found that all too often I got frustrated with all the little tiny specks of white that would randomly appear throughout my work in the end. It was sooo frustrating! And I also hated how I had to be so careful when applying the paint during the entire process, because rather than start with the entire painting and build up each and every layer as I went along, I had to be super careful not to accidentally mess up the border lines of what I had painted before since I would complete parts of the painting in sections. So when I discovered this method of priming the canvas first after watching some amazing TV painting shows, and then building slowly up from there I knew it was the right one for me! Basically, I compiled a few different artist's methods in order to get to this one that I adore, and only on rare occasions do I ever do something different. Someday I want to try this with portraits, where you paint it first in grey and silver-ish tones, and then let those show through as the shadows later. Seriously, I can't wait! But until then, I hope you have a great day and hope to be posting my paintings again daily as soon as I get a little better from this flare - it's just taking it out of me like crazy. =( But I really loved having something to show for each day and can't wait to get back to that. Well, have a good one! =)

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