Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Some Random Mindless Doodling & A Tip =)

This may look silly to you, but  I've rediscovered a lost love of mine recently - random and totally mindless doodling! Somehow I forgot all about this wonderful form of art, and I fell in love all over again during my first class at the Chronic Pain Clinic. I've never been one to sit still for more than two seconds or even keep my mouth quiet for very long either, and so to keep myself sane and somewhat stationary during class while I listened (and I DO listen mind you!) I doodled. I've done it since I was young - some of my favorite ideas I've ever created are nestled away amongst my high school and college notebooks, waiting to be found again one day. Seriously, some of them are definite keepers - they seem to cry out from the pages like they are just waiting to be made into something more grand than a lonely little sidenote on a lined piece of college-rule paper. In fact, I think that this little owl might need to be made into something a little more grand, though he may need a little love first. But yeah, I like this one.. It could be a painting, right?

Okay, back on subject silly.... So freeing and fun is this little "sport" of mindless doodling that I think I'm hooked all over again. It makes me want to buy yet ANOTHER special little journal just so I always have something with me. Back in middle school I had an amazingly talented friend who was an artist and who doodled all the time. And when I say doodled, boy did this girl ever doodle. She doodled everything imaginable, including the names of all of our friends into meaningful word art that perfectly described each person. I'm still dying to try that someday - I'll just have to add it to the list... =)

I'll have to post some of my figure sketches from class soon if I get the chance - they're not that amazing - you have to remember, I was really listening, but even more I was trying to make sure my teachers knew I was listening, so I had to start and stop mid stride so often I'd lose momentum. But still, they were fun and I'll be doing them for the next few weeks until this course is over.

MY TIP FOR THE DAY - How to still do art even when you don't really have time for it
If it's at all possible for you, I highly suggest trying to keep a small journal of any kind that you can record all your random thoughts and ideas for future works in it throughout the day wherever you are. It only takes a second or two (okay, maybe like 3 minutes or something...) to draw out and write down your ideas before they are forgotten and lost forever. I am always forgetting things so I have many of these artistic journals - my scheduler, a random notebook by my bed, my pain class notebook and every other school notebook or assignment, and of course, various actual FOR REAL sketchbooks.

The notebook by the bed though is a BIGGIE for me!!! It's so great to be able to have a journal beside you in arms reach, especially when you have random thoughts pop up in your head right as you're starting to drift off, whether it's just something everyday and boring like remembering an appointment you've forgotten about, or if it's something more creative and exciting like establishing the entire layout for your next new masterpiece or coming up with a killer idea for a new series. Can you see why I love having a journal by my bed every night and why this can be one of your greatest tools as an artist?! Ooh, and if you're not sold yet, it's also great for trying to capture the fleeting beauty of a dream you just had so you can try to recreate it as a work of art. But just don't forget something to write and draw with, or oh man, will you be frustrated at 4am!

So anyways, another thing you can do if you're more of a painter is you can find a simple little journal and a little set of paints (watercolor, guache or acrylic work amazingly well, and you don't even need any fancy cigar-box sets to hold them in, plus they dry super duper fast - though I have to admit, those cigar-box easels are pretty awesome and I totally want to outfit the one my mother-in-law Karla gave me soon so I can have one too - I mean, come on, they fit on a trypod so you don't even have to hold it! How awesome is that?! But if you need to be a bit more frugal, why not go with a Tupperware box for your paints and brushes or a Ziplock baggie or pencil tote like the ones in elementary school for your pencils, or even an old pill bottle filled with water so you can bring it with you just in case there's no water around - you know, reuse, reduce, recycle....  =) You may think I'm on a little too much pain meds, but trust me, the empty pill bottle actually works perfectly! It's because you can use the cap to pour a small amount of clean water in it to dab on your brush and then use the actual bottle for cleaning your brush between colors, and the best part is it doesn't leak! An old frosting tub works fantastic too! Or you could just save up and buy one of those cute little water color sets with the palette and water pocket built right in... =0)

So if you are feeling up to starting to try to get some more creative time in during your busy life, then look no further - a little art journal just might be the perfect thing for you. I know my mom even suggested that I myself do more drawing the other day anyways, so you'll actually probably be seeing some of my own works up here in a while - whether doodles, sketches, or true drawings with full detail I'm not sure, but I know drawing is going to start happening in this house a whole lot more often now, and all because my class rekindled this little fire in me for that. Gotta love it! It's just so random! 

Well anyways, I hope you're having a good time out there, that this post made sense (I am so tired I've literally been typing with only one eye open the ENTIRE time. For reals.), and that maybe today you will be extra inspired to go out and make something beautiful in this world. Good night my friends! And good morning to those of you across the world reading my blog - I love you all so much! God bless! =D

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  1. Actually, it doesn't look silly at all! It looks really very nice! (I used to doodle all the time too, mostly in school when i was supposed to be paying attention. ;) )


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