Saturday, February 2, 2013

"On the Rocks - Valparaiso, Chile" (ACEO) - A Landscape Painting for the Virtual Paintout

"On the Rocks - Valparaiso, Chile" (ACEO)     2.5" x 3.5"     Acrylic on Acrylic Paper
Not For Sale

So for this month's Virtual Paintout we are traveling to Valparaiso Chile and I have to be quite honest, it's a bit sad driving through the streets there. There is just sooo much intense poverty everywhere that it's completely overwhelming, like when we went (in real life, mind you) to the dumps in Mexico where people had literally built their houses not only on the dump, but purely from materials from the dump as well. It's so... Well, there are no words really to describe it. It's just beyond sad. How can we all want and want and get and get and yet never get enough even though we have so, so much, when there are people living like that who are truly and honestly grateful for EVERY SINGLE THING they have. It's disturbing really. And I'm as guilty as the next, if not more so, because I have one of those "Never Quite Satisfied" personalities, and I hate it with all my heart. It makes me wonder if maybe God wants to teach me more about contentment this year, because it seems that everything He's been pushing me towards has at least a little to do with that. I suppose I'll find out soon, that's for sure!

So I'm not sure if I can quite suck it up and do an honest portrayal of the poverty in Valparaiso, though I wish I could. I just don't think I'm quite good enough to get the message across yet. Perhaps I shall try later in the month or some other time in my life, but for now I searched for beauty amidst all the wreckage I saw, and I found this beautiful little sunlit cliff, all rocky and jagged and covered with trees and brush. It was quite tranquil and gorgeous really, and so I decided that it would be my little refuge from the rest of what I saw there. I'm sure there are some quite beautiful places in Valparaiso if you know where to look, and perhaps I had only ventured through the poorest part of town, but I did find this and a few other natural beauties that I will probably attempt to paint later this month as I continue to embark upon this challenge of daily painting, or as close to daily as I can get. =)

I do hope that you are having a good one today, that you are able to truly see each and every thing that you have to be grateful for (as I myself am working on!), and I hope to talk to you soon! God bless!


  1. I read you comments on the poverty,I did a pen and wash as my first submission to VPO, and I am really not sure about sending it! We do have so bloody much it's frightening...that's it. Henry Evans.

    1. Oh Henry, you should definitely send your submission in! I went back to the blog hoping to see your work and noticed you hadn't submitted it yet, but I would love to see it! I still am debating what to do for this last painting, and I really think the honest look at Valparaiso is going to have to win out - part of me thinks that it really must be represented after avoiding it by my having only painted the landscapes there. So if I can get up the courage in the next two weeks I'll be working on that too. Can't wait to hopefully see your work on this month's challenge though (and what a challenge it was, too!).

  2. I have to say, I was struck, too, by the obvious poverty. And then on top of that graffiti everywhere to make it visually worse. Yet the longer I looked, I noticed something else. That in spite of it, the people would paint their little mish-mash houses bright colors. And would put out little pots of plants, would plant flowers. I saw this over and over. It was like nothing could quench their hunger for beauty, to try to improve or do the best they could. I was touched by Chile, and you are right... it makes one grateful. We have so much, and too often take it for granted!
    Happy Easter!


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