Monday, February 25, 2013

My Very First Bid on a Painting! So exciting!

I got my very 1st bid on one of my paintings at DPW!!! It's this one here:

"Around the Edges"


I actually squealed with joy a little (okay, okay, a lot! Lol!) when I read the email that announced my very first bidder ever, and I couldn't wait to tell Tyler and the rest of you out there as well! I'm so excited! =D  And I actually feel like a real artist right now - woo-hoo! Lol!

It's such a great feeling doing a bid for some reason. I like how even if at times you don't make as much as you'd like to make, at least the people who buy it end up getting a fantastic deal in the end, and there's always a chance you can make even more. And I also like how this actually helps make my art more accessible to just about everyone, so this is just one more way for me to try.

Speaking of that, I'm hoping to be working on my FAA site as soon as possible so I can start selling prints soon. I was hoping to have it up weeks ago, but have been in far too much pain to do much of anything other than cope lately, as I'm sure you've heard far too much about if you've been following my blog. Sorry 'bout that! =) But maybe things will start looking up soon as the weather warms up. I can't wait for summer at this point!!!

Well, like I said before, if you want to check out this particular bid, here's the link to my bidding pool. =)  It's only at $35 right now, and comes framed and ready to hang! Such a great deal! And bidding ends in just a little over two more days, so there's still time if you like this one. Oh, and I have a lot of other paintings on auction right now as well, as part of my slow attempt at a studio-clean up. =)

Hope you're having a good morning so far (or that you had a good day today =0)  ) and I will try to post my newest painting ASAP. Just gotta make the post. I like this one too. And so does Ty - - A LOT! He actually just asked me why I haven't posted it yet, all disappointed like. I love it when Ty is so interested in my art, it makes me smile inside and out.swd@ =)

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