Friday, February 1, 2013


So I used the random number generator today and guess what?! It chose number 13. So that means that our winner for my very first contest ever is bennett334!! I am so excited to finally be revealing the winner, (sorry that took so long today - we had a lot going on today, including acupuncture) and just so you all know I counted from the 1st person to sign up to follow my blog up to the 13th person. So, CONGRATULATIONS bennett334 and I hope you really enjoy the work that you pick for years to come!!! Go ahead and please email me  or contact me through Facebook with your contact information and which painting you would like. Thank you and congratulations again!

I just want to thank you ALL so, so much for following me and showing me so much love and support over the last month - you really have inspired me greatly and reaffirmed in me peace over choosing fine art as my career path. I struggled so much with feelings that I'm just not good enough, I have no future, no one will like my art, and this last month has really helped change that! I'm not sure that I will ever feel good enough, but I do feel I finally have a future in art, which is wonderful in and of itself.

So I ask that if you are willing, you will join with me and help me make this year amazing! I have so many fun and wonderful plans for me and you as well, with things as simple as starting to sell prints in the next few weeks so that I have options that allow just about anyone to purchase my art, to amazing giveaways and contests, one of which I am especially excited about over the next 11 months! So, invite a friend and let's embark upon this journey together! In the very least, you will be able to see some art that perhaps you like and that I hope and pray will bring joy to you as well as a smile to your face. And perhaps you will be one of the winners this year!

I will be announcing new contests for each month as they come out, and as I've said before, the one for February is simple. All you have to do is like my Facebook fan page and let me know you want to join this contest by writing so on my wall. There will be 3 winners, each of which will be gifted with an original ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals - a 2.5" x 3.5" painting, complete with Frame Card so it is easy to frame if you choose to). So good luck to you all and seriously, thank you for loving on me and for your continued encouragement throughout this process - I am far more grateful than I could ever possibly express to you! I love you guys!

Okay, so bennett334, here are your options:

  1. "Sunset on the Isle"
  2. "All That Glimmers..."
  3. "Trouble Counting Sheep"
  4. "The Scenic Route"
  5. "High of the Treetops"
  6. "Mint, Anyone?"
  7. "Patchwork"
  8. "Glimpses"
  9. "Frosted"
  10. "Marshmallow Frenzy"
  11. "Montana Sunset"
  12. "Under the Starry Sky So Blue"
  13. "The Strong Silent Typer"
  14. "Entangled"
  15. "Streams of Sunlight"
  16. "Don't Mind if I Do"
  17. "Calla Lily"
  18. "Around the Edges"
  19. "Beads of Dew"
  20. "Thermal Imaging"
  21. "Swirls of Copper"
  22. "Misty Mountains Majesty"
  23. "Rock Garden"
  24. "Strictly Ornamental"
  25. "Whisked Away"
  26. "Early Morning Wake-Up Call"


  1. You mentioned starting to sell prints. Have you seen Fine Art America? I joined in mid-January, and have already uploaded over 350 images. FAA offers prints, framed work, mounted on canvas, greeting cards, etc. They even give you a beautiful website where your work is also for sale. It's $30/year. If you go to and search for Jean Baardsen, you can see my site. Basically, I'm in love.... :o)

    1. Yes!!! I actually have an account with them and am working on uploading pics so I can have people order prints through there soon. I am so stoked about that website and am dying to order something just to see how it works. Thanks for the tip though - I literally just learned about it a few weeks ago and had I not heard of it then I would totally be signing up for it right now! I'm going to go check out your prints right now - thanks for the link! =)

  2. I love love number 3! Beautiful work ;)


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