Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Birds of a Feather" - An Abstract Painting by Melissa Adams

"Birds of a Feather"     4" x 5"     Acrylic on Archival Canvas Panel

So I've finally discovered one way for me to get out of a slump, and it's painting abstracts! =) They are somewhat mindless, and at the same time challenging, beautiful and extremely fun to create, and I am just falling deeper and deeper in LOVE with them! This one was started a few weeks back and I never got the chance to get it finished. It actually started out as a palette knife painting of a pear and then transformed into this, which may sound a bit odd to you, but I actually like this painting a lot better.

And as for creative slumps, I also discovered recently that drawing out sketches for future paintings also gets my juices flowing like crazy. I love that you don't need very many materials to do this, too, so that you can do it just about anywhere. So great! So, what do you do to get out of your own creative ruts?

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