Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Fresh Catch" - A Miniature Owl Painting

"Fresh Catch"     2" x 2"     Acrylic on Canvas

Here's one of the commissions I've been working on lately and just finished up this last week. It's a sequel to my painting "Flying Through the Snow," and is one of the 3 owl paintings that were commissioned to make up a miniature series. I LOVED painting this! And I'm having a blast on the final one as well. I seriously cannot wait to post a picture of the entire series! =D

Below I've included some images to show you what it looks like in real life. On the right it's featured on a miniature black easel (the easels come in black, white or natural pine), and on the left it rests gently in my hand. Kinda helps to give you a better sense of perspective, huh? =)

If you're ever interested in commissioning an original painting from me, whether you want one on a much larger scale or you want a sweet little miniature like this one, I would love to paint it for you if I can. Original paintings, no matter what size, make wonderful gifts, especially for those "hard to please" people in your life who don't seem to need anything and won't ever tell you what they want. Why not surprise them with an original work of art? These little miniatures make some of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts ever, and they're quite affordable too! They make the perfect gift for people who you don't actually know that well but you still have to buy gifts for, like a boss, a co-worker, or a cousin. And all you need to know is a few little tidbits about them, such as their favorite food, favorite animal, or favorite vacation spot. For instance, if you know where they spent their honeymoon or of a place where they've always wanted to visit, I could paint a picture of that special place for them. If it's Hawaii, then a gorgeous sunset with palm trees silhouetted against the sky would be a lovely token from you, and if they like camping, a mountain lake or view from Half Dome would be exquisite. What a sweet and thoughtful gift, right?! So if you're interested, why not email me or send me a message via Facebook so I can get started on it right away?!  

Make an impression this year by ordering a commission today!  =D

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