Saturday, August 10, 2013

Contest Winner for July is Announced, as well as the New Contest for August!!!

"The Light in the Willow"     5" x 7"     Acrylic on Museum Quality Claybord
 Regular purchase price is $90. This sale lasts until the 17th
email me if interested in purchasing this piece

Whew! FINALLY!!!!

So my winner for last months contest (where we got a whopping 31 entries!) was Suzanne Berry! Congratulations my friend!!! I have to admit I always feel a bit odd if one of my friends wins, even though the method I use is completely random and safe, using the random number generator, so there's no way for me to fix it or anything, but I always worry about what it might look like to others. But you know, it doesn't really matter what others may think I suppose, I'm just happy that so many people played along this month and that a truly great artist will now be the proud(?) owner of my art. =D Yay, Suzanne, I'm so happy you won and I can't wait to see which painting you pick! I really appreciate the amount of comments you left on here too - it always feels so good to have people comment back on your work. Well, I'll be in contact with you over which paintings you can choose from, okay. =0)  And I also really want to say a special thank you to everyone who participated this month - you made me feel so very, very loved (so much more than you could ever possibly imagine!) and I just adored being able to read each and every comment you all wrote. So thank you all so very, very much!!! You're awesome!!!!

Well, this month's contest is the same as last month - anyone who comments on any of my new posts during this month, whether on here or on my Facebook Fan Page - will get a shot to win the prize. You will get one point for every post you comment on, so you can truly wrack up a ton of points by the end of the month if you stay an active commentator on my blog or my fan page, and especially if you do both. I love hearing from you all, as I've said before, and it's so much fun to hear your thoughts on everything, including how I can improve. So good luck my friends! And just so you know, you can start commenting today on any post made from the 1st of August until the 31st, so if you're interested in winning this one, go ahead and hop to it! =0) And did I mention you can win more than once? So if you're an art lover or a friend of one and want to try to win another prize on here or hoping to win your first, feel free to play along! =D

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