Sunday, September 18, 2011

View of Flathead Lake

This was the view we had from the amazing cabin we were staying in while on vacation in Montana. I can't tell you how fun it is to paint such beauty while relaxing on the porch! Wish my own house had this kind of view... =)  Thank you so much, Pat and Gayle, for your incredible generosity in sharing your beautiful home with us!

"View of Flathead Lake"    5 x 7    Acrylic on Canvas Board


  1. You have such a gift ~ thanks for sharing !!

  2. Melissa, you have been blessed with such a gift... I remember many of your doodles when you were in high school.

    Is that your signature in the corner?

  3. Yes, that is my signature. It's an M and an A, formed into a leaf. It got cut off a little on this one, and I think you can see it better in some other paintings I've done. Thank you for the sweet words!


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