Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cowboy Cake

Wow, I can't believe it's finished! This is the cake I made for my dear friends' son, who turned one this week. I can't believe he's a year old already - time is just flying by like crazy lately. For his party they went with an adorable cowboy theme, hay-bale and everything, and even made their own little saloon and sheriff's station set that kids could play in - it was awesome!

I had the hardest time with this cake, even after giving myself plenty (and I mean plenty) of time because we couldn't find Jet Puff marshmallows anywhere. I've been told only name brand marshmallows work for Marshmallow Fondant, but I had to make due and buy the store brand, and boy did I ever pay for it. The fondant was ridiculously unworkable, a sticky, tearing mess. And after a huge breakdown Sunday morning at 2am, while telling my husband "I'm in the depths of despair!" (someone's been watching a bit much of Anne of Green Gable's lately - haha!), my husband in great sympathy actually drove to the store to pick up all new supplies for me. How amazing is that, right? Tyler, seriously, you are the best husband ever, and I love how much of God I saw in your compassion and love for me this weekend.

In the end, after much prayer and pleading with God I actually ended up getting everything to work out, and out of the gooey, gobby mess I saw earlier today, came this:

And while the majority of the cake was covered in fondant, the hat, sheriff's star and rope were all made out of modelling chocolate, which I absolutely love to work with. It's seriously just like the clay we used in ceramics class, just edible.

I was so happy to see it turn out like this! I mean, to get something presentable at all was just phenomenal to me considering the circumstances. And once everything started working for me, I ended up having a blast making it, so win-win! =)

I also made a little "smash cake" for Logan too, so he would have something to get covered in. Here it is:

And here's what happened to it:

He's such a little cutie pie! Well, thanks for reading! =)


  1. It turned out super cute! I love the idea of a smash cake, too :)

  2. Thank you so much Emily! When you have little ones you just have to do a smash cake - they make for the cutest pictures! Hope you're doing well. =)


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