Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Teal Owl" Coloring Book Page

Lately I have been absolutely enamored with all the beautiful Stress Reducing Adult Coloring Books that they have been making these days. I have the feeling 2016 will be remembered as the year of the Adult Coloring book they have become so popular! I honestly want to design my own some day soon - how fun would that be? But for now, there is so much joy and peace I find in relaxing and sitting down to color, and the greatest gift they've given back to me, an unexpected gift from God, is that my boys come join me. They got so excited about them that they ended up wanting their own, and so we found some really cute Star Wars ones at Costco for them. So now I have the joy of pulling out my Prismacolors and having my little loves surround me, and of course they want to use mommy's pencils, because let's face it, Prismacolors are just the best! So we all color together, and it's like a little taste of Heaven here on earth. Praise the Lord - little things like this make me feel so blessed!

Teal Owl from "Midnight Garden Coloring Book"
I chose this particular color palette because frankly, I absolutely just love these colors. Teal, coral, just about every shade of blue, lime green, mint green, deep forest green and a touch of purple and hot pink - ooh, they just tickle my senses and make me smile deep down inside myself! I wish I had added a few more blueish and purpleish  flowers up top, but all in all I like how it turned out for my first page. I have to admit, I was actually nervous about messing it up, but the farther in I got the more I let loose and just enjoyed myself, and that's when I started seeing how it really does help relieve stress. So if you're in debate about whether or not to buy one of these books, I say go for it (and they are way cheaper on Amazon than at Barnes and Nobles - with a huge selection as well). Well, I hope you're having a great time out there my friends, and let me know if you're a fellow colorer too and if so, what book is your favorite - I always love hearing back from you! =0)

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