Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Storybook Canvases

I made these for Jess's shower back in June from a legitimately vintage storybook called "Little Miss Muppet and Other Nursery Rhymes" that I found at an antique store in Monterey on our anniversary trip. I loved how they turned out, and found it quite funny that I spent almost an hour on painting the peach colored one, and then in a rush I painted the rest in about 15 minutes or so, and I actually liked how those ones turned out better! It's weird how that worked out...

My goal was to make the background look shabby-chic and worn down, in order to imbue a more vintage look to them, and I did this by underpainting them with burnt sienna and then dry brushing them with a single color and with both white and buttermilk in varying degrees, while letting the background show through in certain places. I like the sea green one so much that I want to make something similar for my own house, though I'm stumped as to what. I just refinished them a few weeks ago, by applying several coats of Modge-Podge to them, and I love how they look now. I believe Jess was going to use them in her nursery since it fit her theme, which makes me feel majorly loved! After all, I love seeing my art in other people's homes!!! (Haha, no pressure, Jess, no pressure!)

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