Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zander's Paintings

I painted these little initials for Levi's NICU buddy, Zander. For those of you who don't know, it's pretty crazy how these little guys met. My husband and Zander's mom, Megan, went to high-school together. In fact, he drove her home from graduation, and hadn't seen her since. Then, years later and three days into our NICU stay at the hospital, who's baby shows up in the isolette next to ours but Megan's. Neither one of us was in the hospital near our homes and so it's nothing short of miraculous to me. God knew just how much I would need someone as loving as her throughout our stay there, and suffice it to say, we became great friends.

Zander celebrated his first birthday only a few days after Levi, and I just had to make something special for that amazing little boy. I wanted it to be simple and cute, like little letter blocks that he could hang on his wall. I must admit, they're a little more plain than I would have liked, and I was really scared to make something for someone else since you never know if they will like them. But as Tyler and I keep joking, they live far enough away that they never have to worry about me finding out if they never put them up! =)

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