Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! "The Emerald" - A Work in Progress

Well hello out there! It's been ages since I've posted any work, though I've actually did quite a lot this last year thanks to a huge commission for my church and the great blessing of changes in medication which has allowed me to actually feel almost human again - it's been soooo amazingly wonderful I can't even begin to tell you, and the improved health (I'm still sick, still having flares that knock me back, and can feel all my pain hidden under my meds, but which I'm so incredibly siked about! I'll post about that soon, but wanted to come back with something easy. This is not quite finished, though the intial "Tangling" part is done. It's just been forever since I posted something, and I figured that what better than the start of a whole NEW YEAR to give myself a chance to put the bad feelings aside, the guilt I feel every time I finish a work and don't put it up here just for my own sake as an artist, and to embrace trying to get back on track posting more and more works than ever. Even if it's just a tiny little part of a work in progress, I want to treat this like an artists diary of sorts - well, I suppose I always have, but I want to get back on track. So to start the year of, I figured a work in progress, much like myself, would be the very perfect thing to go up today. I've got so many things to show you, both finished and in the works, and I'm so excited to share them all with you this year! This year is already starting out on such a happy note, and I hope the same goes for you. Happy New Years Everyone! And may it be a very, VERY BLESSED ONE AT THAT! 
<3 Much Love,
~ melissa ~  

"The Emerald"    Pen and Ink      Zentangle on Coaster

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