Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! - Oh, and a Portrait Drawing of Sorts...

Okay, so the winner for October is.... Natalia Hedlin! Congratulations and thanks for the great idea!!! I love the idea and have so many different ideas swirling in my head about how to approach that, but it's gonna be awesome, so thank you so much! Would you rather the Commissioned Abstract or the painting "Under the Starry Sky So Blue"? Let me know your choice as well as your address via private email or a private message on my Facebook Fan Page, and we'll work from there on getting your painting out to you. Thank you so much everyone for the excellent ideas - I always need more, so if you ever want to see me try something out or commission a work from me, just let me know. Have a great day everyone!

Oh yeah, and before I forget, I'll be announcing the new contest for November in, well, November, so stick around to see what you can win. With the holidays soon upon us, I imagine it will be a themed prize for once. =0)  Well, seriously, I gotta go. I still haven't gone to bed yet and I'm supposed to get up in two hours, so we'll see how that works out on my body. This might not be too pretty. Hopefully this portrait however is, though I say portrait loosely because it's not really a portrait, since it's fictional. Is it then just a drawing or a fictional portrait? Oh man, no more posting at 6:30am for me! Well, it's off to bed for me now - I hope you're sleeping comfortably in yours and I hope to be posting again soon. Take care of yourselves out there today! 

"Her Gaze"     8" x 10"     Graphite on Tracing Paper Placed Over Drawing Paper

Oh, and by the way, this picture is also taken by my phone, which is good, but not perfectly true to nature in coloring. After all, it's indoors and it's nighttime, or morning, but yeah, you get the point I'm sure! I did find that I really rather enjoyed drawing on Tracing Paper and then placing it over some Drawing Paper in my Sketchbook. It gave the drawing a certain sheen and a softness to it that I've never felt or seen with Drawing Paper alone, and you can be sure I'll be testing what other effects I can get with this in the future. So many ways you could manipulate this image by what paper you use underneath it - if I come up with any cool combinations I'll let you know. Okay, seriously though, I really am going to go to sleep now. I mean it... Goodnight and good morning! =)


  1. you have inspired me to go back to my childhood when I spent most of my time drawing. I bought a sketch pad and a beginners drawing book. It is a nice way to rid stress :)

    1. Oh wow, how awesome is that?! Are you serious? Thank you for sharing this with me - you must know being an artist yourself just what a blessing it is to find out you've actually inspired someone else - I'm floored over here! And don't worry, I haven't forgotten your print. I'm just debating between two different shops, and whether to have it sent here first so I can make sure it's up to my standards or shipped straight out to you. Just all the little things that make the process a little longer but definitely worth it in the end. So how's the sketching going so far? Have you ever tried an artist's date (it might be hard for you with 5 kiddos, but you never know...). All you do is grab your favorite drink or whatever and go someplace that makes you happy either around the house or perhaps outside it , again, considering your case... lol! But you just spend some time free flowing ideas, thoughts, dreams, thumbnails, possible series, anything and everything you can come up with - it's an artist's gold mine, I love getting time like that, honestly right now, I just use my time between appointments for that and it's amazing. No more getting irritating that they're late - more like getting sad when they're early or on time. Ha! Hey, it works for me anyways. =0) Sorry for taking so long to write back, but I just really wanted to thank you for such sweet words of encouragement - they mean the world to me!


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